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hook em and book em

Marietta shifts away from 'hook 'em and book 'em' drug enforcement : GAPol

Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience, there will be classes for everyone. Over the coming weeks, various presenters will be featured in a series of posts here. Many of the planned workshops will enhance the theme with suggestions about how you can hook readers into turning every page, tips that are good for poets as well as any prose genre. Several classes will offer in-depth information about mystery and crime fiction genre, some even explore topics that involve research and detective work in historical settings. There will be opportunities to chat with old friends, and make new ones. Share your writing adventures, successes, and dreams. Participate in a read-around.
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Rookie Mistake!

Book'em -&- Hook'em Guide n Charter Service

By Ekin Karasin For Mailonline. Two police officers have become a social media sensation with their tongue-in-cheek video promoting a new fashion craze - the cop romper. Riding on the coat-tails of success of rompers for guys, the law-enforcement duo performed lunges and stretches as they showed off the 'innovative' romper. The Southern California officers, called Deputy Hook'em and Deputy Book'em, created a parody showing off the benefits of the thigh-grazing onesie. The clip begins with the duo declaring: 'No more hassle of putting on that old uniform, slip into the comfort of the cop romper. They then show off its 'lightweight design and easy front-zipper', as well as the 'reinforced fabric to protect your delicate waistline from that pesky duty belt'. Zooming in on the front of the pockets, the advert goes on: 'Tired of uncomfortable pockets?

Hook 'Em & Book 'Em

President Donald Trump is not often accused of empathy. But even he was obviously touched by the man he shared a stage with in Atlanta last week. Tom Murphy, a police narcotics investigator for the state of Virginia, stood beside Trump and told of the son he had lost — first to prescription opioids, and finally to heroin laced with fentanyl. He pointed to one of the three bracelets he wears on his wrists. This was a law enforcement officer calling for a shift in the way drug addiction is approached — by his fellow police officers across the country.

By Mark Young. He hires Ingels and her partner, Texan deputy Dawson Hughes, to find his family and return them safely home. Dubbed a Crime Fictionista, Nike has a passion for writing and reading crime fiction. She has just released the second Ronnie Engels novel, Deadly Designs. MARK: Nike, thanks for joining us to discuss your latest novel and to get an update on your writing career.

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