Childrens book with problem and solution

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childrens book with problem and solution

What's Your Problem? Teaching Problem and Solution -

When I was teaching college students I was often surprised at how little they knew about the process of thinking. I was lucky to be at a college where the psychology major was designed around teaching critical thinking. The ability to think about thoughts is called metacognition and it develops across a lifetime. The next step is realizing that they can change their own thinking. When they get frustrated and stuck on a problem they will have to change how they are thinking about that problem to solve it. The life skill of getting unstuck is vastly underrated. We just assume some people have this ability, this innate talent.
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Prudy's Problem and How She Solved It

This book list features fiction texts that have a clear problem and solution structure to them, perfect for teaching fiction comprehension and writing! Shared Reading: Fiction Story Elements. problem and solution activities, cause and effect activities, picture books to teach.

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By Ellen Booth Church. Early childhood settings—where children interact with one another and participate in decision making—offer countless opportunities for children to grow in their problem-solving abilities. Children use problem-solving skills on a constant basis - when they experiment and investigate, when they select materials, and when they try to work together: "How far will that water squirt? But watching children as they go about their day reveals that problem solving encompasses all of these areas of development. Creative thinking is the ability to look at a problem in many different ways. This might involve seeing a different way to do something, generating new ideas, or using materials in unique ways.

We also have lots of free, graphic organizers for fiction text structure here. This is a GREAT book for teaching text-to-self connections as well as the problem and solution text structure. Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey is a pun-filled book about a family pet, Hally Tosis, who has incredibly bad breath. The Tosis family tries to help Hally get rid of the bad breath to no avail. But dog breath may actually be a good thing, especially when two thieves visit the Tosis family! Oliver Button is a Sissy by Tomie dePaola is about a little boy named Oliver who is clearly different than all the other boys at school.

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