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the circle book and movie

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The Circle is a American techno-thriller film directed by James Ponsoldt with a screenplay by Ponsoldt and Dave Eggers , based on Eggers' novel of the same name. It is the penultimate performance of Headly's career and the final performance of Paxton's career, and was released just after his death in February Through her friend Annie, call center intern Mae Holland secures a customer support position at The Circle, a tech and social media company. Mae's ex-boyfriend Mercer is less supportive. Mae takes the job, hoping to support her parents, particularly her father who suffers from multiple sclerosis. At a company meeting, CEO Eamon Bailey introduces SeeChange, which uses small cameras placed anywhere to provide real-time high-quality video. Mae rises quickly in The Circle, embracing social networking and meeting Ty Lafitte, who displays suspicion of other, more enthusiastic employees.
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Given how much more open our world has become since Eggers' novel was first released, The Circle's film adaptation should have felt timelier than ever.

BWW Review: THE CIRCLE By Dave Eggers: Which Is Better, The Book Or The Movie?

Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Warning : Spoilers for The Circle ahead. When I first read Dave Eggers' novel The Circle in , it felt like a glimpse into a scary but not so distant future. Given how much more open our world has become since Eggers' novel was first released, The Circle 's film adaptation should have felt timelier than ever. Perhaps it would have — had the film not replaced Eggers' dark ending with a bizarrely hopeful one. As a fan of the novel eagerly anticipating the film, I was thrilled when it appeared that the movie was following closely in the novel's footsteps.

So pretty much any time a book gets made into a major motion picture, I read it. Then I watch the movie, where I proceed to pick apart what was done good and what unforgivable mistakes were made by screenwriters and casting directors. For one of my book clubs, we all agreed that reading The Circle by Dave Eggers would be a great choice. We based this decision solely on the fact that both Emma Watson and Tom Hanks were starring in the movie adaption of the book, and everyone knows those two are awesome! Needless to say, we approached the book with very high hopes. I read the book and something strange happened….

A cautionary tale of the all-consuming technology and social media around us, the movie stars Emma Watson as Mae Holland, a idealistic twenty something who finally gets her dream job, working at the powerful tech company The Circle.
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Adapting a book for the big screen is never easy. Luckily, The Circle director James Ponsoldt, who also co-wrote the script with the author himself Dave Eggers, has plenty of experience in this area. And, just as with his previous works, The Circle movie includes a few major changes to the book.

It's now clear that Hollywood made a hot mess of The Circle. Given that astounding vote of no confidence, you might be tempted to skip the Dave Eggers novel of the same name on which the movie is based if you haven't read it already. That, however, would be a mistake. A better conclusion: skip the movie, pick up the novel, and remember that there are some books that should just never be filmed. Eggers' version of the tale, published in , is a different beast altogether.

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