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tortoise and the hare online book

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Living Books The Tortoise and the Hare (Read to Me Version)

The Hare and the Tortoise

Once upon a time, in a field not too far from you, there was an energetic and happy hare and a sleepy tortoise. The happy hare was called Noel and the sleepy tortoise was called Archibald. Archibald the tortoise liked to sit and munch his dinner slowly, whilst Noel the hare would gobble up his dinner and run round and round Archibald until he was dizzy. Wallace the wise old owl arranged the race for the next day. All the animals in the field put on their best clothes, groomed their fur, picked up a flag to wave and got ready to cheer the tortoise and the hare on. Slowly, slowly Archibald the tortoise set off and quickly, quickly Noel the hare raced off and soon he was out of sight. In fact, he was so far ahead that, when he looked back, Archibald the tortoise was nowhere to be seen.

Download it, and enjoy hours of fun with your little one. Now you can! The Tortoise and the Hare is an imaginative and interactive reading experience with fully animated content loved by children, parents and teachers alike. Read and play along as the Tortoise proves that slow and steady wins the race. We hope The Tortoise and the Hare provides your family, children and students with hours of story play. This version is retold by Living Books creator Mark Schlichting.

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The hare is sure she's the speediest animal in the forest, so imagine her surprise when a tortoise challenges her to a race. The tortoise perseveres and keeps plodding along even as the hare naps. The animals cheer him on while the birds in the trees provide a birds-eye view of the race. This comedic retelling of the classic fable shows, once again, that "slow and steady wins the race. Focus and Self-Control.

Arthur's Teacher Trouble. The New Kid on the Block. The story starts off with the male narrator, a purple bird named Simon Hosting, explaining how the Tortoise was a slow but steady person, while the Hare was busy and was "always on the move. The Hare ends up so far away in the lead during the race that he starts wasting time elsewhere, choosing to eat after getting very hungry and sleeping after getting worn out. While he is sleeping, the tortoise slowly walked by very quietly, but still didn't stop. Just as the Hare wakes up, he sees the Tortoise approaching the finish line, and sprints for his life to try to catch the Tortoise. He's too late to the red finish line, however, and loses the race he thought he was destined to win.


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