Daphnis and chloe book 1 summary

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daphnis and chloe book 1 summary

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Daphnis and Chloe. A Novel by Longus. I was hunting on the island of Lesbos when I saw the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in the grove of the Nymphs. It was a story about Eros. The grove was a beautiful place, abounding in trees and flowers.
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Daphnis and Chloe is the story of a boy Daphnis and a girl Chloe , each of whom is exposed at birth along with some identifying tokens.

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And he describes it in four Books. The Situation of Mitylene the Scene of the Story, is drawn. Lamo a Goat-herd following a Goat that neglected her kid, finds an Infant-boy Exposed, with fine Accoutrements about him, takes him away, keeps him, and names him Daphnis. Two years after, Dryas a Shepherd, looking for a sheep of his, found in the Cave of the Nymphs a Girle of the very same fortune; brings her up, and calls her Chloe. Dryas and Lamo, warned by dreams, send forth the Exposed children together, to keep their flocks.

Hunting on Lesbos, I saw in a beautiful grove a painting representing the incidents of a love-story, "the fortunes of Love": women in labour, nurses swathing new-born babes; infants exposed; animals suckling them; shepherds carrying them away; young people embracing; an attack by pirates; an inroad by a hostile force. I procured an explanation of the series, and wrote out these four books an offering to the God of Love, to the Nymphs, and to Pan. Lamon, a goatherd upon an estate near Mitylene, found in a thicket one of his she-goats suckling a boy-baby, who lay exposed in a very rich mantle, with a little ivory-hilted sword. He took the boy with the tokens home to his wife Myrtale, who agreed with him to adopt the child. They named him Daphnis.

Plot summary

It is set on the Greek isle of Lesbos , where scholars assume the author to have lived. Its style is rhetorical and pastoral ; its shepherds and shepherdesses are wholly conventional, but the author imparts human interest to this idealized world. Daphnis and Chloe resembles a modern novel more than does its chief rival among Greek erotic romances, the Aethiopica of Heliodorus , which is remarkable more for its plot than for its characterization.




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  1. A Summary of the First Book[edit]. THE Sophist sees a picture of curious Interpretation in the Island Lesbos. And he describes it in four Books.

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