Sex love and marriage christian book

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sex love and marriage christian book

Sex, Love and Marriage

Copyright - Zac Poonen This book has been copyrighted to prevent misuse. No part of it may be copied or printed or translated without written permission from the author. Sex, love and marriage! What vital subjects! None can remain unaffected by them. And yet what ignorance prevails about the real purpose of these gifts of God to mankind.
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Published 08.01.2019

Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage

Every youngster on this planet must read this book.

Best 13 Sex and Intimacy Books for Married Couples to Read Together

Studies show that married sex is better, especially if you are religious. According to MSN and Good Housekeeping , married couples have less things to stress about because of the security found within marriage. We all have heard that sex has health benefits, like lower blood pressure and less risk of heart attack. Issues surround sex is one of the most common reasons that marriage ends in divorce. Many women feel like sex is a chore especially if you have young children that are pulling on you all day.

Boy Meets Girl

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