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the laurel and hardy book

LAUREL and HARDY Books & Publications - by Michael Ehret - Author

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Introducing the Laurel and Hardy Books

the british tours book LAUREL AND HARDY - THE BRITISH TOURS. Author- "AJ" Marriot. Pages - Hardback - ISBN - clown princes of.

ISBN 13: 9781872532349

HE By John Connolly pp. So many melancholy tales have been told about the tortured lives of comedians that the pertinent question about a new story is not whether the entertainer is miserable but why. Even Laurel and Hardy lovers may be put off by its somber, experimental mood. Laurel, the British vaudevillian who successfully made the transition from the silent era to talking pictures, is the center of the story but his name is never mentioned. It skips quickly from one career landmark to another, and describes the many women in his life whom he let down. But Connolly continually returns to the final days, when Laurel broods, despairs and expresses remorse for a life gone wrong. The novel nicely brings Laurel down to earth, zeroing in on mundane concerns like salary, petty professional jealousies and challenges of the end of the silent era that you may not have considered, like the fact that film crews were suddenly told to be quiet on set.

Reilly as Oliver Hardy. Hard lessons learned. When given a choice, Oscar wants the real thing. But in weighting it that way, it sells Ollie a little short. It opens in the Hardy home, a post-party morning-after disaster, littered with half-finished fifths, dirty dishes, still-smoldering ashtrays, tipped-over furniture, and a hat tossed up on the chandelier. And then we get an Oliver Hardy monologue.

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Laurel and Hardy Pack Up Your Troubles 1932 film in Colour

Of the one thousand photos here new to this printing , I would venture to say only dozens have been published before. If you love Stan and Ollie as I do you will derive great pleasure staring at rare behind-the-scenes shots, scrapbook and home-movie frames, original newspaper ads and posters, elements of working scripts, and much, much more. Want to see Oliver Hardy, Edgar Kennedy, and Hal Roach taking an impromptu swim on location with members of their crew? This is the book for you. Bear in mind that this is a limited edition; according to the publisher, once this hardcover has sold out it will not be reprinted. Click HERE for details. Share it!

We have included all the books that we have access to at the moment. All our prices include the postage , so the price you see is the price you pay! Tours is the story of two men who, in their formative solo years, struggled as unknown acts in Vaudeville; rocketed to stardom as the world's favourite film comedians; then returned to the stage to eke out a living in their twilight years. Readers will first meet the skinny English stage comic and the large American singer in , and learn how they came to meet up at the Hal Roach Studios; where, through a process of almost "natural selection," they gradually metamorphose into the screen's funniest comedy couple. But then the book takes an unexpected route. Instead of following the comedy double-act through the making of their films, we are led into a parallel world of public appearances, theatre tours, guest appearances, award ceremonies, wartime fund raising tours, and troop shows at Army and Navy bases.

John Connolly, author of the Charlie Parker series of detective novels, has never been afraid to experiment outside his first genre. This is not without difficulties. This is a book about love: love of women, love of men, love of art, love of comedy. It is harder to suspend disbelief when Stan Laurel is not an imaginary character. When those researched concrete details coalesce, a world of Dickens-like detail leaps off the page.

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  1. "A giant volume, not only the best book on Laurel and Hardy ever assembled, but also one of the best books on film comedy and Hollywood." -- Kirkus Reviews.

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