Teenage authors and their books

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teenage authors and their books

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As a preteen and later a teenager, I had dreams of publishing my first novel early and becoming a literary wunderkind. Surely, I told myself, no one actually writes a novel in their youth. In fact, a number of talented teen writers have published novels during their middle and high school careers. Add to Bag. But when her classmate and resident man-whore Wesley refers to her as the DUFF designated ugly fat friend of her group, she reacts pretty strongly—i. As Bianca finds herself using hookups with Wesley as a way of escaping her family problems, she begins to realize she may not hate him quite as much as she thought. But is she willing to admit her blossoming love to herself, let alone to him?
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List of books written by children or teenagers

Email Address. I mean, come on! He became a NYT bestselling author at 19, bless his disgustingly talented soul. To top off her awesomeness, she only queried for 2 months before being picked up by an agent!! Amy Zhang sold her book to Greenwillow when she was So much disgusting talent. Ugh, seriously.

Changing the world's opinion… as soon as we finish this math homework. Apologies to the talented self-published authors whom I may be excluding because of that rule. Zhang was twenty when she sold, in a three-book deal, her entire Hybrid Chronicles trilogy. Bachmann sold both The Peculiar and its sequel, The Whatnot , when he was eighteen. Adornetto has a large repertoire of books: both her debut, The Shadow Thief , and its sequel, The Lampo Circus , released when she was fifteen, while the third and final released when she was sixteen; Halo , Hades , and Heaven in her much more popular Halo series released while she was eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, respectively.

This is a list of notable books by young authors and of books written by notable writers in their early years. These books were written, or substantially completed, .
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The attention placed on their books has as much to do with the novelty of precocity as it does with the merit of the work, if only because most of us, having lived through our early 20s without producing a masterpiece, know how difficult such a feat is to accomplish. - Amazon Author Rank is based on the sales of all of an author's books on Amazon. Explore these pages to find the best selling authors in your favorite genres.

No catches, no fine print just unconditional book loving for your children with their favourites saved to their own digital bookshelf. Kwame Alexander. Danielle Jawando. There comes a point in a kid's life when it's time to move to reading books that offer greater challenges. Find out more.

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