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ap language and composition book

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Still, during those first years, I persisted in teaching much of the fiction and even some poetry I had taught in the past, adapting my presentation of the works to suit the AP English Language course. It was a natural approach for me because fiction had been the focus of my academic life. In addition, the AP workshops I attended in those early years always offered suggestions about how teachers could use fiction in the AP English Language course. As I continued to teach the course, however, my reliance on fiction began to fade to the point where today almost all of the literature I teach in my course is nonfiction. I began to realize that it was a good idea to focus more on nonfiction in my course because there were ample opportunities for students to study fiction in ninth, tenth, and twelfth grades, and especially in AP English Literature. I teach my AP English Language course to juniors. I also realized that nonfiction was the genre with which students—and teachers—had the least amount of experience.
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Last Updated on May 23, This Advanced Placement course will help you write essays better which can then help you gain a steady footing in your academic journey. To ace this class, however, you might need the help of the best AP Lang review book.

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In addition, please complete the following assignments:. Barclay, Andrea, and MaryEileen Young. Education, vol. Accessed 19 Mar. This journal article from the Home School Journal of Education explains how Barclay and Young pioneered home school education. It would be effective background information for an essay explaining the benefits of home school education. The most obvious meaning of annotation is to mark the text or make notes while you read.

Master the material, get comfortable with the test format, and get expert advice on how to score higher.
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Buy this book on Amazon. I bought this book along with the Barron's Review book to assist me in studying for the rather rigorous AP World exam. After successfully completing the course and exam, I would recommend these different books for different types of studying. The Princeton Review is much better used as a review rather than a fact-packed supplemental guide as I believe Barron's is. Also, this book contains lots of test taking strategies, and how to actually write the 3 types of essays we are required to know how to compose something I was NOT taught in class!

To future AP Lang. Should a tech issue emerge and another method is needed, you may send your work to the instructors teaching AP Lang. Petkovic holly. For other tech-related concerns, you may also contact alejandra. Online submission is preferred unless impossible -- we have English teacher aversion to paper clutter. However, if necessary, you may submit a paper copy that is due at the same time as the online submission i. Once you've joined and open the document, an automatic copy will be present in your Google Drive.

Last Updated: Tuesday, Aug 13, Given the scope and importance of the instruction of English as a subject, and the many approaches taken by colleges in designing their introductory english courses, The committee elected to break AP English into 2 seperate programs, AP English Literature and Composition, and AP English Language and Composition. Getting a jump start on college level studies in English can be extremely helpful for students regardless of your field. Most college programs have significant English course requirements, and all disciplines benefit from the ability to express thoughts and communicate clearly. Starting college soon?

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