Fitz and the fool book 2 recap

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fitz and the fool book 2 recap

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The past few months have been difficult to find much reading time and even harder to find time to sit down and review that which I have read. Bee does not receive a lot of page-time in this novel, and when she does the complete juxtaposition in character from that of her father rubs a little raw at times. However, I choose to see that as an example of just how well Robin Hobb has written these characters that the reader is so easily able to see that they have jumped perspective and are now in the mind of a completely different character. In the same vein, Robin Hobb is able to write the Fool in just such a way that he is completely and utterly believably a selfish jerk throughout the vast majority of this book, leaving me, the reader, feeling thoroughly uncomfortable at having to sit through portions of the book where he is whining about one thing or another. But the twist in this is not that the character is badly written, but that his situation has created a person so deeply traumatised and simultaneously hell-bent on revenge that all common-sense and reason has been eaten away, leaving behind only the shell of what once was, and in its place a vengeful and hateful, yet cowardly and fearful replacement. Robin Hobb weaves a tale so heart-breaking and intricate that you cannot help but turn the page to see what happens.
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SPOILER HEAVY Thoughts On Fool's Assassin

Fool's Quest is the second installment of The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy, which itself is the So do yourself a favor, go read Assassin's Apprentice (the novel that started it all) or Fool's Review copy courtesy of the publisher.

Fool's Quest by Robin Hobb

Posted by Elizabeth Hopkinson Aug 29, Not my first thought. A common thought when reading any story about Fitz and the Fool. The Fitz we see in this new trilogy is not the impulsive boy we remember from earlier stories, but rather a mature man who has learned at least partially the value of taking stock and being prepared before rushing into a situation. Neither will the other people in his life Nettle, Dutiful, Chade let him play the lone wolf any longer.

In short, Fitz and the Fool are both broken men when we pick up this story. There are so many things that happen to Fitz and the Six Duchies of tremendous import here, I hesitate to reveal any of them. Some are wonderful Fitz , others are harrowing Chade , while still others initially provide for a strong sense of cognitive dissonance Fitz and the Fool. But of everything, the emotional flavor of this novel for me was bittersweet — heartwarming passages and emotional highs followed by the depths of despair. My point is that these two characters have spent a great deal of time apart dealing with emotional and physical hardships. They both had to have their souls nearly destroyed so they could become the ideal versions of themselves through a rebirth and healing to confront their adversaries. Robin Hobb balanced their tension with a quiet reserve during many of the court scenes and meetings that Fitz was obliged to experience very well, giving both frustration and hope.

8 points · 2 years ago · edited 2 years ago At some point the Fool (who Fitz thinks is too injured to come) stumbles out of the skill Eventually they meet with the king and queen who are old friends of the Fool from the Liveship Trader books.
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Existing user? - Fool's Assassin is the first book in the epic fantasy trilogy Fitz and the Fool , written by American author Robin Hobb. FitzChivalry "Fitz" is a bastard of the royal Farseer family of the Six Duchies, who had previously used his inherited magical skills in the service of his king.



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