Will there be a lockwood and co book 6

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will there be a lockwood and co book 6

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Lucy Joan Carlyle is an agent with amazing Listening interconnected with Touch. Lucy Joan Carlyle was born during the fourth official decade of the Problem , in a rural north England town. She was born into a family of nine: her mother, father, and her six sisters. Her father was a porter at the railway station in the town and an alcoholic. He died when Lucy was five years old, after an accident that caused him to fall under a train.
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Jonathan Stroud Interview (Part 1) - Author of the Bestselling Lockwood & Co. Series

Is this the final book in the Lockwood & Co. series?

The Screaming Staircase is a middle grade thriller novel by Jonathan Stroud. The story is set in an alternate modern day London which experiences an event called "the Problem", where ghosts appear throughout the city by nighttime and attack the living. Agencies have arisen to fend off the ghosts and protect the public, for a fee, but put themselves in extreme danger in the process. However, only children and teenagers have the "talent" to sense the ghosts; they gradually lose this once they reach their twenties. And so the agencies under with the leadership of people who have passed their ghost-sensitive ages and with the youth whose talents are instrumental in solving a haunting. All of the agencies but one. The agency is run and led by Anthony Lockwood and has only one other member prior to Lucy's joining: a boy named George Cubbins.

Series are wonderful and tricky things. If a book can be like a hug, a good series can be like a life changing relationship, offering extended horizons to bask in and relish. But when a series draws to a close, the fear of loss can be acute. Could the series draw to a close in a satisfying and convincing matter, leaving us fully contented, perhaps sad but also replete with a sense of everything coming together just as it should? Endings, especially with loved ones, are very difficult to get right.

Only I am a little anxious after hearing a few months ago that this will be the last book in the series. I almost thought we are not even halfway through the series, because there are still much to learn in this believable, creepy, and scary -- yet exciting -- world. This series moves on with the fifth book called The Empty Grave and it will be published just in time for my birthday this year. This could be a wonderful gift idea. I just need anyone to confirm that this isn't the last book in the series, please.

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  1. Anna N I sincerely hope that it's not! While the whole ghost problem has been mostly resolved, I need to know what happens with Lucy and Lockwood!.

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