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the mind and the matter book

The Twilight Zone S 2 E 63 The Mind And The Matter / Recap - TV Tropes

It originally aired on May 12, on CBS. Archibald Beechcroft has an insufferably crowded time getting to work, and becomes annoyed when errand boy Henry spills coffee all over his suit. Taking some aspirin in the washroom, his boss Mr. Rogers lectures him about a proper lifestyle to maintain his health. Aggravated, Beechcroft says he's fed up with the crowded conditions at the office and wants to eliminate all the people of the world. In the cafeteria for lunch, Henry apologizes to Beechcroft further for spilling the coffee, saving him a seat and presenting him with a book titled The Mind and the Matter , which deals with the ultimate in concentration, and Henry explains that his friend has learned how to make things happen with his mind.
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The Fastest Way to Reprogram Your Mind - IT REALLY WORKS! - Dr Joe Dispenza

"The Mind and the Matter" is episode 63 of the American television anthology series The for spilling the coffee, saving him a seat and presenting him with a book titled The Mind and the Matter, which deals with the ultimate in concentration.

The Mind and the Matter

Archibald Beechcroft, a child of the twentieth century, a product of the population explosion, and one of the inheritors of the legacy of progress. Beechcroft, again. This time, act two of his daily battle for survival. And in just a moment, our hero will begin his personal one-man rebellion against the mechanics of his age, and to do so he will enlist certain aids available only - in The Twilight Zone. Archibald Beechcroft, who has had an insufferable time just trying to get to work, becomes annoyed when an errand boy named Henry spills coffee all over his suit. Taking some aspirin in the bathroom, he encounters a co-worker, Mr. Rogers, who advises him that he needs to keep fit to avoid headaches.

All I recall vividly about this one is the awful masks, but then I think that if I were watching it on first airing, on a black and white TV with spotty reception and late in the evening, those things would have passed by so fast that I would not have noticed them. In any case, thanks for the entertaining writeup, as always! What a dreadful waste of the talents of the gifted and original Shelley Berman. Sadly, oftentimes, when the TZ got hold of a major first class talent as uest star, especially if the player was known for comedy Carol Burnett, Buster Keaton, Wally Cox, Orson Bean, Richard Hayden the results were often sub-par or mediocre at best. Berman deserved better than this, but then so did the others.

Sign in. Want to invest a few hours in front of the TV this weekend? Check out a few of our favorite binge-worthy streaming series. See the full gallery. Title: The Mind and the Matter 12 May When a colleague gives him a book about the power of the mind, Archibald reads the magic book and decides to wipe out the human race.

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  1. Knowing where a story is going can sometimes be wonderfully entertaining, because it can be just as fun to watch a story hit all of the beats you know it will hit as it can be to be surprised.

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