Earth and life science book

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earth and life science book

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NWO funds and facilitates within the Science domain outstanding scientific research in the earth and life sciences. NWO organises an open competition for the very best research ideas and encourages the research talent of individual researchers in various phases of their career. It also invests in high-quality infrastructure that supports top research. NWO uses project and programme funding to facilitate excellent research that contributes to a far-reaching scientific understanding of the earth and life on it. Scientific research in the earth and life sciences is wide-ranging and relevant to current issues.
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Published 11.01.2019

HISTORY OF THE EARTH - Earth and Life Science Lesson for Senior High School

May 1, PDF | Building on the theme "Earth as the only living planet", this book introduces students to the dynamic relationship that has existed for.

Once Upon Series

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Southern Africa is without equal in terms of geology, a treasure trove of valuable minerals with a geological history dating back some 3 million years. In addition, the evolution of plants and animals, especially mammals and dinosaurs, is well preserved in the region, which also has among the best records of the origin of modern man. Along the way readers will be enthralled by accounts of the Big Bang that marked the beginning of time and matter, by drifting and colliding continents, folding and fracturing rocks, meteors colliding with the Earth, volcanic eruptions, and the start of life. Other topics include why South Africa is so rich in minerals, how glacial deposits came to be found in the Karoo, why dinosaurs became extinct, how mammals developed from reptiles, and how closely humans are related to the apes. The answers to many such questions can be found here.

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