Difference between dictionary and thesaurus pdf

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difference between dictionary and thesaurus pdf

Dictionary vs Thesaurus - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

Both dictionary and thesaurus are reference books for words and are essential tools for writers as well as language learners. The main difference between dictionary and thesaurus is that a dictionary is a book that contains the spelling, meaning and pronunciation of individual words in a language whereas thesaurus is a book that provides synonyms for words. A dictionary can be described as a collection of words in one or more specific languages listed alphabetically, which provides definitions, meanings, and pronunciations of words. Thus, it can be said that the aim of a dictionary is to explain the orthography, pronunciation and signification of words in a particular language. A dictionary can also refer to a book of words in one language with their equivalents in another language.
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Dictionaries vs. Encyclopedias

Difference Between Dictionary and Thesaurus

Although both, dictionary and thesaurus, are used to learn the meanings of the words in a language, there is difference between dictionary and thesaurus in the manner they impart the knowledge of the meanings of the words. Linguistically speaking they, dictionary and thesaurus, are both nouns. It is interesting note that the plural of thesaurus is thesauri; but it is also written as thesauruses. Dictionaries are used more often by learners of a language to find the meanings, pronunciation, and the orthography of a word. Thesaurus is used more often by the writers to find the synonyms and antonyms in order to find a better word or to avoid using the same word repeatedly.

A dictionary is a very important tool to learn or understand a language. It contains a list of words usually in alphabetic order. This listing of words contains the information of the meaning of that word also. It also provides details like orthography, pronunciation and importance of these words. A dictionary contains words in one or more specific languages. It is also known as wordbook, lexicon or vocabulary.


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Dictionary vs. Thesaurus


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  1. A Dictionary contains alphabetical lists of words that includes the meaning, etymology and pronunciation while the thesaurus is a book that contains synonyms and even antonyms. While a dictionary defines a word, a thesaurus gives a choice of words for each entry. While a dictionary.

  2. A dictionary is a collection of words along with their meaning, definition and description of usage.

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