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best ielts self study book

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Sign up for Magoosh Academic or General Training prep or log in. IELTS study materials are an investment. You put time, energy, and money into them with the expectation that they will help you achieve the band scores you need. What helps one person may not be as effective for another. Good luck! It is very important to take several full-length practice exams before your test day.
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How I got band 8.0 on IELTS - Books, tips, advice, links

As long as you have patience, a willingness to learn and determination, you will do well.

Best IELTS Books and Resources 2019

For me, the main criteria are a full answer section, preferably one with explanations of answers, and an approach to the test that breaks down strategies into simple steps that learners can follow. Test strategies are broken down into easy-to-follow processes, and authentic test items are supplemented with directions in blue text. The new edition of the book includes both audio CDs and is therefore an even more complete package than the first edition. Independent learners will appreciate these self-study guides from Cambridge which focus on grammar and vocabulary with an academic dimension. Suitable for all low- to high-intermediate-level students. Both books come with an audio CD, which means that test-takers are activating more than just their reading and writing skills. Of course, it is ideal if these books can be supplemented with opportunities for spoken output such as a group lesson or study buddy.

Required to score above in most cases, we all ponder upon a lot of options before booking our test dates. True to its reputation, a good score in IELTS requires a lot of focus, determination, positive attitude towards learning and acquiring new things and preparation. A lot of you ask how long does it take to prepare for the test? Every one of us is at different levels in terms of how much we know the language and the pace at which we pick new things up. Covering all the four modules of the test- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, the Official Cambridge guide also comes with six Academic and two General Training full-length test papers for you to understand the test better. The book is chaptered into different sections, each giving you umpteen useful tips for a high score along with examples. Each task is described, techniques shared, and strategies are explained in detail to achieve a high score.

2. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

Preparing for the IELTS exam requires a lot of determination, positive attitude, willingness to learn and of course, preparatory books. There is nothing as helpful as picking up some good IELTS preparation books to understand the test and take the exam expecting what to expect. With a myriad of options available online, one can get confused with the choices, so here is a list of some of the best IELTS preparation books, in no specific order of priority. Along with IELTS questions and their answers, this book offers a glimpse of mistakes the IELTS aspirants have made as it is built on the basis on answers given by real students in a real exam, videos of the speaking test, and the like. The papers in this book contain step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to take each section of the exam. You can familiarize yourself with the kind of questions and they can ask on the test day with the material in these sample tests.



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  1. Top 6 Books for IELTS Prep. Are you For better preparation, you would need good books to do your study. Are you Cambridge IELTS 11 Self-Study Pack.

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