Book of the dead angel novel

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book of the dead angel novel

Love and Death (Angel novel) - Wikipedia

Love and Death is an original novel based on the U. Tagline: "It's open season on monsters. Huge numbers of demon-killers are descending upon L. They plan to rid the city of demons as rapidly and violently as possible. Angel Investigations is finding these angry mobs more of a hindrance than a help.
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When a Book is DOA: Dead Genres in Publishing

Angel of Death (novel)

Book of the Dead is an original novel based on the U. It was first published in Wes has loved books since childhood. When a former colleague, Adrian O'Flaherty, arrives in town and invites him to a secret auction of rare occult books, Wes immediately agrees. However Adrian wants more than dusty old books at the auction. He wants revenge. Before the Watchers' Council was blown up seen in ' Never Leave Me ' , Rutherford Sirk took a number of rare books from the Council's libraries and killed the librarian who was Adrian's father.

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Angel of Death is a novel by Jack Higgins written in It tells the story of a famous actress who joins a bloody terrorist movement named after Bloody Sunday 's date, 30 January. This terrorist group appear to target random government agencies and terrorists group from members of the Central Intelligence Agency , to the KGB and the Provisional Irish Republican Army. As the Northern Ireland peace process is at stake, the hero of Jack Higgins' novels of the s, Sean Dillon , comes to the rescue again to save the world in this thriller novel. Quinn's men know who he is and he almost gets killed, but he is saved by a mysterious woman on a motorcycle. The woman is Grace Browning an actress turned assassin; a member of a terrorist group known as January

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