West side story screenplay pdf

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west side story screenplay pdf

West Side Story

The Jets want to hold on to their territory and clean out the Sharks in a rumble. Die Jets wollen ihr Territorium verteidigen und die Sharks in einem Zweikampf besiegen. Jet Song The Street - p. I and Tony started the Jets. RIFF Right! He's always come through for us and he will now. When you're a Jet If the shit hits the fan, You got brothers around, You're a family man!
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West Side Story: Abridged

Broadway is Expensive. Times Square is a pain to walk through. And that jerk in front of you is going to give a standing ovation to a reading of the telephone book. Why bother? We give you each of your not so favorite Broadway shows, ten minutes at a time. West Side Story is a classic. You'll be annoyed that I'm going to destroy my own musical, angrily clutching at it as I sink into the grave.

Jets, get outta here! Let's check him, come on! Come on, break it up, I said. Come on. Break it up! How often have I told you.

Prince, by arrangcment trrith Roger L. The street. A suggestion ol city streets ddd alleywoys; a brick vtall. Ihe opening is musical: halt-danced, hau-mimed, with oc- caional phroses ol dialogue. The boys-sideburned, long-haired-ore vital, restless, sar- donic; the Sharks are Puerto Ricans, lhe i. His lieulenant it Diesel: big, slow, st.

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I was too young to understand a lot of the story, but I loved it anyway. Who could resist that music?!



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  1. The story is set in the Upper West Side neighborhood in New York City in the mid s, an ethnic, blue-collar neighborhood in the early s, much of the neighborhood was cleared in an urban renewal project for Lincoln Center , which changed the neighborhood's character.

  2. WEST SIDE STORY. Page 1. ACT ONE. SCENE ONE. (The neighborhood. A suggestion of city streets and alleyways; a workable brick wall. # 1 - Prologue.

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