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flat earth news nick davies pdf

Biography: Nick Davies | Friend or foe? WikiLeaks and the Guardian - A Journalism Case Study

An award winning investigative journalist himself, Davies turns against his own profession in identifying the many falsehoods and distortions of news reporting in the UK media. Davies accuses UK journalists of freely accepting ready-made PR copy without further checking or criticising, and argues that the modern media has been corrupted to provide a distorted view of the news. Backing up his claim to a certain degree are a number of parallel investigations by a team of researchers from Cardiff University. Bredemeier-Garson, K. Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture , 5 2 , pp. Bredemeier-Garson K.
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Nick Davies: The Relation between Newspapers and the Internet

Our media have become mass producers of distortion

M ore than that, there was the evidence in the story itself. From the first day, the police refused to say the boy had been hanged. The parents and neighbours, who told the press how shocked they were, never claimed to know what had happened. The one and only line on which the whole story was built was a quote from the boy's adult cousin, who said he had told her: "Some boys and girls have tied a rope around my neck and tried to tie me to a tree. It was a nasty case of bullying but not an attempted murder.

Over 30 years of anarchist writing from Ireland listed under hundreds of topics. Pro-Choice articles WSM abortion rights policy. Articles on Feminism Towards Womens Freedom. This is an extraordinarily detailed exposition of how the modern media functions. The author, veteran Guardian journalist Nick Davies, along with a team of researchers from Cardiff University, spent several years monitoring the British media and tracing the sources of the stories that they carried. The results were pretty shocking, even for somebody who already has a very low opinion of the corporate and state media.

Davies began work on Hack Attack in July at the same time that parliamentarian Tom Watson began work on his work on the phone hacking scandal, Dial M for Murdoch.
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The Fifth Estate: Nick Davies: Melbourne

Flat Earth News. Subscribe to our RSS feed. In Flat Earth News , award-winning journalist Nick Davies takes the lid off newspapers and broadcasters, exposing the mechanics of falsehood, distortion and propaganda; naming names and telling the stories behind stories. This website is intended to be a focal point for exposing past, current and future media abuse. Readers of the book can find more information about the book , the author and full coverage of the footnoted stories from the book as well as reaction to the book from senior Fleet Street figures, working journalists and reviewers. Readers are also encouraged to leave their comments on the book. Journalists, and anyone else with direct knowledge of media malpractice, are invited to blog about examples of media falsehood and distortion ; PR tactics and propaganda; and the use of illegal news-gathering techniques.

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