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catching up or leading the way pdf

Catching Up or Leading the Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization by Yong Zhao

Yong Zhao argues in Catching Up or Leading the Way that more standardization, increased outcome-based accountability, and testing only a few subjects will not prepare American youth for success in an age of globalization. Zhao does, however, recognize the strengths of American education, and thus puts forth a vision for American schools to promote creativity, talent diversity, plus global and digital competencies. American schools should continue to lead the way, Zhao says, not play catch-up with other countries. Zhao, who grew up in China but currently lives in the USA, grew more perplexed as he watched his own children attend US schools that became increasingly focused on test scores. His goal: Change the current US education discourse. Later, Zhao devotes a chapter to examples of globalization in occurrence right now and demonstrates why schools need to re-evaluate which skills are necessary for the 21st century.
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Published 18.04.2019

Catching Up or Leading the Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization

Hi Dr. I attended SAI today and was inspired by what you had to say. I look forward to sharing some of your ideas on my new blog that I just started and also with my staff.

Catching Up or Leading the Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization

Download the PDF version. The vast chasm in academic achievement has long existed along racial and poverty lines. Children of color and from low-income families have, on average, performed worse on virtually all indicators of academic success: standardized test scores, high school graduation rates, and college matriculation rates. This gap perpetuates the existing inequalities in society. Efforts to close the achievement gap have had little effect.

Ideas from the Field

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This powerful collection from the groundbreaking Rethinking Schools magazine takes high-stakes standardized tests to task. Through articles that provide thoughtful and emotional critiques from the frontlines of education, Pencils Down deconstructs the damage that standardized tests wreak on our education system and the human beings that populate it. Better yet, it offers visionary forms of assessment that are not only more authentic, but also more democratic, fair, and accurate. Combining a just-right mix of quantitative analysis, with the compelling personal narratives of educators trying to reach children in ways a test can never measure, this volume is a must read for teachers, administrators, parents and policy makers. At a time when the most vulnerable students are further victimized and made to feel even more marginal, Wayne Au and Melissa Bollow Tempel have compiled a document that should be read by anyone who thinks there is something fundamentally wrong with the current emphasis on testing over quality education. What an enormous contribution to us all.

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